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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday, May 9

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Thursday Thoughts:  What do you think you will miss most about high school after you graduate?

We looked at Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue," and considered what makes it a reflective essay.  We also located places where she used parallel structure in her writing.

For tomorrow, answer one of the following questions in a well-written paragraph.

  • How did Tan’s mother influence Tan’s understanding of English?

  • In what ways does Tan suggest that a person who does not speak perfect standard English might be treated with less dignity than someone who is a fluent speaker of standard English?  How does she support that idea?

  • How did Tan’s perceptions of her mother and her version of English change over time?  

  • What does Tan indicate were the most important factors in her decision to become a writer?  

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