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Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday, September 10

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Happy Monday!

  1. M.U.G.shot Monday
  2. Explore types of speeches
  3. Define and analyze rhetorical devices used in speeches:  Speech * Parallelism * Restatement * Repetition * Rhetorical questions
  4. Identify the rhetorical devices used in speeches by Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin and evaluate their effectiveness

M.U.G.shot Monday procedure: Copy down the sentence(s) as is into your spiral notebook. We will make corrections as a class, which you are to clearly add to your sentences in a different color. Every 4-5 weeks, I will look at those notebooks and grade them - an easy "A" if you do what you should. If you miss a Monday, be sure to copy down the sentences from a classmate.

Complete the worksheet (both sides).
Read Benjamin Franklin's "Speech in the Convention" and be ready for a quiz.

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