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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday, August 29

Today's Objectives
  1. Vocabulary Pretest
  2. Introduction of vocabulary procedure;  first vocabulary assignment
  3. Unit 1 Overview
  4. Introduction of three essential questions of our studies for the year

Praise God for a great day two!   We didn't get through everything that I had planned, but there's always tomorrow.

We took our vocabulary pretest today.  It won't be counted as a grade, but gives direction for what and how much vocabulary instruction is needed.  We discussed the vocab procedure and went through the first 7 words, which are assigned for next Wednesday.

Each Wednesday, seven new words will be introduced.  Your assignment will be to write the definition and part of speech on your composite vocabulary sheet.  The definitions from the textbook are short, and that is all that is needed, as long as you have a good understanding of what the word means.  It is helpful to know synonyms and antonyms for each word.  

In addition, you are to write the definition on the weekly vocabulary page.  Then you are to use all of that week's words to write a story that makes sense.  This vocab assignment is due each Wednesday.

The Wednesday after the vocabulary is introduced you will be quizzed on the words of the week along with any words we have studied previously.  There are links for the overall list and the weekly assignment page in the sidebar.  (Feel free to work ahead!!)

Due Thursday, 8/30
  • Read pages 1-13 in the textbook and complete the homework page for tomorrow.  
  • Have your book covered
Due Wednesday, 9/5

Reminder - please have a composition book and a notebook for class.

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